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Minnesota Real Estate: Spring Market Update

At Desrochers Realty Group, we’re gearing up for one of the busiest months in real estate and offering our take on the Minnesota housing market for spring and summer of 2018. High demand, low inventory. You’ve likely heard the news and it’s true, sales are down this year when compared to years past, but it’s not because the market is slow! Back to Econ 101, it’s a simple problem of supply and demand. There are a ton of buyers and not enough inventory. In fact, we’re at... view article »

2018 Real Estate Predictions

As winter holidays approach we’re turning our attention to the new year, which naturally has us thinking, “What’s to come in real estate?” While we have no crystal ball to predict the market perfectly, we’re sharing our predictions for real estate in 2018. Housing shortage, more buyers The housing shortage will likely continue into 2018, which makes affordable housing a major focus. Younger generations are looking for practical starter homes.  Those who gave up in the hot market this past spring and summer will be back looking for... view article »

10 Ways to Prep Your Home to Sell in the Autumn

Whether your house has been on the market a few months or you’re just putting it on, the late summer and fall months in the Twin Cities are a great time to sell. Below we’ve put together a checklist for successful selling in the crisp months of autumn. Prep your landscaping. Make sure to update for the fall months, cleaning up any projects from the summer and getting your yard in tip-top shape to sell.  Curb appeal goes a long way in lasting impressions. Clean the fireplace and... view article »

Home Staging: Top 5 Tips You Need to Know

                Enticing buyers can be hard. You’ve been living in your home and you made it your own, but oftentimes once it’s ready to sell “one man’s junk” is not necessarily “another man’s treasure.” The key to displaying your home in the best light possible, garner the most interest and offers,  is to make it show in a way that lets buyers visualize their future there. How can you best do this? Get help from a professional home stager.... view article »

What are we hearing from buyers?

What do buyers want, now, in the spring of 2017? If you are considering selling and wondering what the chatter is, what people are wanting in their next home, see below for the most common asks we are hearing from our buyers now. “There’s not a lot on the market.” No, there isn’t. This is the overall issue everywhere- simply not enough houses to go around. If you have a house you are even thinking about selling in the next few years, call your realtor to discuss. It... view article »

Why Do You Need a Realtor?

Sounds a little suspect coming from your realtor, but this is a valid question. Today with a website and app for everything, it can be easy to wonder, “Why do I even need a realtor?” Websites like Trulia and Zillow are great resources to browse homes and see what is out there, but they are no substitute for an expert guiding you through one of life’s most stressful decisions. Here are a few reasons why we feel technology can’t replace people: Expertise. We live and breathe... view article »

Top 10 Things to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Home

Spring is rapidly approaching and so is the busy season in real estate. If you are on the edge of deciding whether or not you should sell your house this spring, here are a few things to ask yourself as you make your decision. 1. Can you find a property you like, in the area you want to be in, and within your budget? This is an important one to think about. It may be just the right time to sell your house, but can you... view article »

House Flipping Tips: Where to Spend and Where to Save

house flipping tips where to spend where to save

With the housing market still going strong in the Minneapolis area, now is a prime time to get into the game of flipping houses. House flipping entails buying a fixer-upper home, putting in the work to remodel it, and then selling it for a profit within 12 months. Due to the high demand for entry-level homes, low interest rates, and a tight market, house flipping is at a 10-year high. RealtyTrac reports that in the first quarter of 2016, 6.6% of home sales were a... view article »

Selling Your Home in 2017

Daniel & Julie talked about the importance of marketing your home on Twin Cities Live this week.  There are both high-tech and low-tech ways to sell your home in 2017. Find out what their advice is on what works and what doesn’t. Staging consultation & contractors to perform repairs/updates: You should work with a realtor that provides professional staging services. Whether it’s to give decorating and furniture layout recommendations or completely furnish and stage a vacant property it is important that it is done by... view article »

Selling Your Home Advice

Continuing their discussion on selling your home, Daniel and Julie’s most recent appearance on Twin Cities Live was to share their advice on how to maximize the profit you get from selling your home. Small things like the temperature during a showing and the way your home comes across during an inspection can make or break a deal. Showings: You want your home to look perfect (clean, blinds open, temperature between 70-72, home smelling good, lights on and music on if possible) You need to... view article »