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How to Know When You’re Ready to Buy a House

Maybe you’ve outgrown your current space or you want a fenced-in yard. Maybe you think it’s time to “settle down.” Maybe you just can’t walk by a display of paint samples without imagining how much better your morning coffee would be in a kitchen of your favorite shade of yellow. Whatever the reason, you’ve started thinking about buying a house and you’re wondering…am I ready? We can’t answer that for you, but we have put together a list of important questions to ask yourself before... view article »

Guide to Hosting an Open House

Let us first start off by admitting that not every home is suited for an open house. Sometimes a house just isn’t in the right neighborhood or its target buyer isn’t interested in attending open houses. Aside from that, open houses are a great way to get potential leads into your home where you are able to have a conversation with them face-to-face. On the other hand, sometimes open houses can attract the wrong crowd. Now that you know the pros and cons, and you... view article »

How to Stay Sane While Selling Your Home

When your home is up for sale, it can be frustrating. It’s still your home yet it feels like you don’t even “live” in it; you’re constantly cleaning, you’ve put all of your personal effects away and you’re running in and out at all hours of the day. So how do you survive the pressure, the stress and the unexpected when your home is on the market? We share some tips on how to stay sane while selling your home. Enlist help. There are plenty... view article »