Monthly Archives: August 2015

House-Hunting 101: How to Choose a Community

You’re excited to start hunting for your new house, but first you have to pick a community to begin your search. The Twin Cities metro area offers many diverse and appealing neighborhood options, depending what you’re looking for in a community. Taking the time to identify what qualities you’re looking for in a community will help you narrow the field of your search and find a place that feels like home. Thinking about the items on this list will help you start the process of... view article »

Open Houses: What To Look For

When you’re at an open house, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of the home—whether you like the floor plan, how your furniture will look in the living room, how much light the kitchen gets. While these things matter, many other attributes will prove equally if not more important should you decide to buy the house. If you’re visiting an open house with your real estate agent, they will be sure to point out these important but often overlooked features. Use this... view article »

4 Perks of Working With a Realtor

With access to seemingly unlimited resources and information on the Internet, our DIY abilities are stronger than ever. It makes us confident that we could do just about anything ourselves—so long as we’ve done the appropriate research. The same goes for house hunting. With online databases of listings and thousands of How To articles at your fingertips, you might wonder why you should bother paying a realtor. But online research can’t match the value of real-world expertise. There are many perks of working with a... view article »