Monthly Archives: October 2016

Real Estate Report: Home Re-Do

Daniel and Julie were part of a great show yesterday on Twin Cities Live. With a new project on the horizon, we will be able to follow along with the process of doing a tear down and rebuild. Twin Cities Live has shown you a lot of ways to improve your home.  Landscaping, room make-overs, advice from an interior designer, to name a few.  Sometimes things are so bad that the only thing you can do is start over!  We are following Julie and Daniel... view article »

Community Profiles: Prior Lake & Lakeville

This installment of our community profiles feature takes us to the outer suburbs. Prior Lake and Lakeville are two neighboring communities located southwest of Minneapolis. Adjacent to the Minnesota River Valley, these two communities are beautiful in the fall, resplendent with the seasonal colors. Both communities offer a variety of benefits that make them popular with families, particularly younger families looking for a community to call home. Prior Lake A combination of good schools, low crime rates, highly educated demographics, ease of commuting to Minneapolis... view article »

Fall Activities in Minneapolis 2016

Some years it feels like Minnesota weather goes straight from summer to winter with hardly a week of transition in between. But on those rare occasions when they occur, a perfect autumn day in Minnesota is a beautiful thing. The skies are a bright cloudless blue, the air is crisp but not cold, and the sun makes the golden leaves glimmer. When these days happen, we have to be ready to take full advantage! Here are some fun activity ideas for the next perfect fall... view article »

Selling Your Home Advice

Continuing their discussion on selling your home, Daniel and Julie’s most recent appearance on Twin Cities Live was to share their advice on how to maximize the profit you get from selling your home. Small things like the temperature during a showing and the way your home comes across during an inspection can make or break a deal. Showings: You want your home to look perfect (clean, blinds open, temperature between 70-72, home smelling good, lights on and music on if possible) You need to... view article »