Monthly Archives: August 2016

3 Home Updates You Can Do This Weekend

Sure, in today’s seller’s market, you could probably list your home as-is this weekend and have an offer on your desk by Monday. But a savvy seller knows that they can finagle a higher offer by making a few small but impactful home updates. The three updates we describe in this post are so easy they can be accomplished in one weekend, but they can make the difference between receiving an offer that meets asking price and receiving an offer that earns a profit. #1... view article »

Tips for Selling & Buying at the Same Time

Going on the market to buy and sell a home at the same time is a tricky undertaking and requires juggling a complex array of logistics and variables at once—not to mention taking some calculated risks. However, life happens and it is sometimes an unavoidable situation. If you find yourself in the position of having to buy and sell a home simultaneously, follow these tips from the Desrochers: Know the Market Before you make anything official, get to know the markets in both areas where... view article »