Marketing Your Home


Our Marketing Services

Desrochers Realty Group’s marketing services go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure your listing stands out among qualified buyers.
We are dedicated to powerful and innovative marketing with a complete marketing solution using the most effective advancements in digital marketing with budget that outpaces other area Realtors. We can promote your listing both more widely and more selectively through 40 national websites, select print publications, high-end brochures, tasteful signage, targeted mailings and more.


Each listing will have a Solar Lit sign panel with direct contact number offering 24/7 availability on the property.

Digital Listings

We have an extensive digital presence. Listings are posted on,,,,, and dozens of other popular realty sites—as well as on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Each listing includes a photo slideshow and detailed property information to attract buyers.

Unlimited full-color property brochures—featuring professional photos highlighting the best features of your home—will be offered inside during your listing period. We also send out demographically targeted postcards and email to alert potential buyers of your listing.
We send out demographically targeted postcards to alert potential buyers of your listing, which are all printed with rich colors and crisp details in order to make them as impactful as possible on prospective consumers.

We use email to alert potential buyers and agents of your listing.

Print Publications

We advertise our upper bracket homes with targeted demographics and impressive reach through high-end monthly print publications. There’s no better way for potential buyers to find what they’re looking for than by advertising these properties among the target audience where people will be most likely attracted them (e.g., upscale magazines).
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