Buyers Tips

Simplify your home buying experience

Buying a home can be an enormous undertaking. Without the right resources and information, buyers often feel stressed and frustrated.

What is the best way to purchase a home? We want to make it an exciting and positive journey with a team leveraging every ounce of our combined real estate experience to find you the home of your dreams. 

As qualified professionals, our Realtors will guide you through the entire home buying experience and assist you in being an informed buyer.

Simplify your search

The right house is waiting for you. Once you know the features that will suit your lifestyle, our group can help you find a home to satisfy all of your needs and at your budget. Our thorough knowledge of Twin Cities neighborhoods means we’ll give honest assessments about property quality and value.

  • Where are the nearest shopping center, bus line, police station and library?
  • What schools are available?
  • What types of homes do you see (single family, apartments, condominiums)?
  • How far apart are the homes?
  • How far is it to your work?
  • Do you notice a lot of noise, traffic or pollution?
  • Are the homes in good repair and the landscaping well kept?
  • How long has the home been on the market?
  • What’s my total budget?
  • Why is the home being sold?
  • Has the price been lowered?
  • Is the price comparable to other homes in the neighborhood?
  • Is the house structurally sound?
  • Do you like the floor plan of the home?
  • What condition is the yard in?
  • What improvements must be made and what is the cost of the improvements?

Our experienced Realtors can point out the pros and cons of each home to help you make your best judgment.

Once you’ve found your home, it’s time to present an offer. This will require placing earnest money in escrow and signing a written agreement with the seller. Making an offer to buy a home entails many factors—including placing earnest money in escrow and signing a legally binding contract with the seller. This agreement should be carefully prepared by knowledgeable Realtors with your interests in mind. The Desrochers Realty Group can help you navigate the following factors prior to putting your offer on the table:

  • Amount of earnest money
  • Down payment
  • Price you are offering
  • Details of financing
  • Proposed move in date
  • Proposed closing date
  • Details of the sale
  • How long the offer is valid


The seller will either accept the offer as presented, or make a counter offer and ask you to resubmit a proposal. When all the parties involved have agreed upon the details, initialed any revisions and signed the final agreement then an offer becomes a contract.


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