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Inside Ice Castles and an Interior Designer’s Lake Minnetonka home

Usually when we’re talking about houses we’re talking about houses on land, but our American Dream TV episode took us to a house only Northerner’s can understand and dream of: an ice castle. Haven’t heard of a luxury ice house rental? Neither had we – but after this trip we were convinced of the Minnesota activity. Then, we went off the lake into Interior Designer Lebrisia Iversen of Kariel Interior’s exquisite Lake Minnetonka home. A complete overhaul, the home was designed to feel like the... view article »

The best white paint colors for your home

the best white paint colors

White is white, right? Not right. White walls are all the home decor trend in 2021 and can easily refresh your space into several decor styles, from modern organic to modern farmhouse to traditional. However, which white paint you choose can make all the difference in mood, tone and overall look. Brighten your space with one of our white paint suggestions below, all favorites we use in our own home or come recommended from the designers and home remodeling pros we work with.  Benjamin Moore... view article »