5 Home Design Questions Answered


As realtors, we hear questions every day on home design updates and trends. What are the most common questions on home design we are hearing now?  Julie Desrochers of Desrochers Real Estate Group shares the answers to 5 common questions she’s been hearing in 2019.

Q: I’m remodeling and wondering, should I get black or white windows? Which is better for resale?

A: The good news is both black and white windows are “in” as a trend. White windows are a classic and never go out of style, so this is always the safest bet if you aren’t sure something trendy will work for you or your home style. Black windows are working nicely for the Modern Farmhouse style or even updating very traditional architecture. It’s a really big investment, so my advice is to do what you want to do!

Q: I want to sell my house in 4 or 5 years but also want to freshen up our house, what are the best areas to invest in without losing money when I sell my home?

A: The best areas to update in your home without losing much value (and potentially adding value) are carpet, paint, light fixtures, and hardware. All are relatively affordable and can really freshen your space up. I’d also say appliances if they are really outdated. Potential buyers will always want to see modern appliances. We find that total remodels of the kitchen and bath you won’t get as much return on your investment, so if you are planning to sell in the near future talk to your realtor before making a major investment.

Q: What do you think about laminate wood floors?

A: My recommendation is to save laminate wood floors for a mid-range priced house. Laminate wood floors are a really great option, but if you have a high-end house buyers will expect the most high-end finishes. If you aren’t sure if your home value falls into mid-range for your community, ask us.

Q: Is wallpaper in or out?


A: I’d say wallpaper is in style, but in small quantities. Places like the wall of an office, a powder room, or an accent wall in a bedroom are the perfect rooms for wallpaper. Wallpaper is expensive and can quickly date a home if you put too much up or make a choice you regret. However, it adds a very nice design element and serves as way for you to show your personal style.

Q: Is the all white kitchen trend going out of style?

white kitchen
Cabinets by regalwoodllc.com

A: We are seeing a lot more people add stained wood to their kitchen to break up the all white kitchen look. Light stained white oak mixed with white is the new spin on the classic kitchen.

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