5 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your House


It’s normal to go back and forth about selling your home. There are many reasons to keep a home, but there are also many reasons to move. Both market conditions and your personal situation are factors to consider when thinking about selling your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making a move.

Your home no longer fits your lifestyle

How well does your home meet your everyday needs? If you’ve outgrown your space or had kids, you probably need a bigger house and more bedrooms.

Or maybe your kids have all moved out and you’re ready to downsize. Empty nesters can sometimes feel small in a large home.

Two becomes one

You got married and now you need to plan your next move with your partner. That usually involves selling your home or your partner’s home. Perhaps you both sell and move into an entirely new place.

Too much work

Sometimes your house takes more work than it’s worth–financially and physically. Whether you’re getting older, busier, or simply sick of the upkeep, too much maintenance can be a reason to move.

Location, location, location 

If you’ve taken a new job or have been relocated, your commute can become bothersome. Moving closer to your job might be the best solution to combat the long commute.

You can afford it

You’re ready to upgrade and you can afford it. You’ve done the math and accounted for the cost of leaving your current home, including moving expenses, home improvements, and the time it takes to prep a home for sale.

There’s no definitive checklist that will tell you whether or not you’re ready to move. Work with a professional or realty team who can provide you with trusted advice and will be honest about what is feasible for your budget.


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