Advice on Selling Your Home


Daniel and Julie were on Twin Cities Live this past month ready to talk about the initial preparations needed once you’ve decided to sell your home.

So you’ve decided you want to sell your home, what’s next??

• Meet with a realtor and talk about marketing and preparing the home
  • You should at least interview a couple of realtors to see who is going to market your home the best and work the hardest to get your home sold.
  • Price should be figured out after you have picked the realtor you want to work with.
  • You want to base your decision on who is going to do the best job not the realtor that is quoting the highest listing price.
• Once you have picked a realtor decide what needs to be done to the house
  • We suggest what repairs/improvements should be done to the home prior to listing so the seller will net the highest amount of money when they sell their home.
  • There is usually always things a seller can do to their home to increase the value.
  • We have all our sellers meet with our stager and she does a full walkthrough of the house counseling the sellers on moving furniture around switching out accessories, advising on what paint colors to use down to what color pillows to put on your bed.
• Once you know what is going to be done to the home a list price can be decided on upon.
  • We provide our sellers with info on the market in their area and specific comparable homes that are currently on the market and recently sold.
  • Ultimately the list price is up to the sellers but by providing the seller with accurate information on the market we are usually able to agree upon a pretty accurate list price.
• Once the sellers have decided to move forward with listing their home
  • They should work on repairs and updates
  • We provide an extensive list of reliable contractors and vendors we work with to help the sellers with most any repair or improvement.
  • Some cities require a point of sale inspection. This is an inspection that is performed by the city prior to listing the home that looks for safety and code violation issues. You want to get this as done as soon as possible so you can address any required repairs.
• Sign contracts and fill out disclosures
  • You need to sign a contract with a realtor to list your home and allow them to put in the MLS.
  • You will have to fill out a seller’s disclosure that outlines any known or previous issues the seller is aware of. For example if you have ever had a water leak or remodeled parts of the home you have to disclose this to the buyer.
• Once home is completely ready photos are taken and marketing prep is started.
  • Your realtor should have a professional take photos. You don’t want your realtor taking the photos with their iPhone!
  • Your realtor should have the property measured and a list of all marketing highlights and features compiled.
  • Professional full color brochures should be created for your home. Copies for both inside for showings and for the brochure box outside. Seller should be provided with proofs prior to printing.
  • For sale sign goes in front yard after pictures are taken.
• Home is advertised on MLS and 3rd party websites
  • Home will be listed on the MLS within 3 to 4 business days of pictures being taken. If your realtor lists your house right after the pictures are taken they are not preparing the marketing correctly. Pictures should be edited, marketing notes should be fine-tuned, there should be extensive write-ups of the property. There are a lot of details and it takes time to make sure they are correct.
  • Seller should have opportunity to proof MLS listing.
  • Home should be listed on all 3rd party websites, like Zillow, Tulia etc. and also on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
• Once your home is on the MLS you should expect showings
  • Have the home ready at all times for showings
  • Should have your most activity within the first couple of weeks.
  • Realtors will bring buyers through the home and you should be gone
  • Open house can be done on the weekends if you live in an area where they are popular.
 Watch the entire Twin Cities Live segment below:

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