Community Profiles: Edina and Maple Grove

When you’re shopping for a new house, community character is just as important as home features. Researching local communities in the area where you’re looking to move can help you narrow down your search radius by ruling out neighborhoods that fall short of certain deal-breakers, such as school quality or length of daily commute. To help you get to know some of the communities we serve, we’ve profiled two popular Minneapolis-St. Paul suburbs.


A primarily residential city, Edina has a highly educated population of urban sophisticates who prefer a small town environment but appreciate close proximity to the cultural opportunities in downtown Minneapolis. The city is home to 40 award-winning public parks as well as the headquarters of several major corporations, including Dairy Queen and Lund Food Holdings (Lunds & Byerlys). Over 90% of Edina residents are white-collar professionals, and the nationally renowned school system has a 99% graduation rate with 96% going on to attend college. Edina is known as a highly artistic community, with a larger concentration of artists than 90% of American communities, and thousands of people visit the city to attend the Edina Art Fair each summer.

Population: 49,376
Median Home Value: $436,467
Median Household Income: $84,349
Distance from Minneapolis: 9 miles

Maple Grove

Maple Grove is frequently named as one of the best communities in Minnesota to raise a family. Almost 50% of Maple Grove’s households are families with kids, attracted by its many family-friendly features: strong school district, low crime rates, predominantly white-collar workforce, wide variety of housing options spanning townhome rentals to new subdivision developments, and plenty of community events and activities to keep busy. Residents enjoy access to seven different lakes within the city limits, in addition to two regional park reserves. Minneapolis is only 20 minutes away, but Maple Grove offers such a robust variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options that many residents don’t feel the need to make the drive.

Population: 65,415
Median Home Value: $273,144
Median Household Income: $92,188
Distance from Minneapolis: 20 miles

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