How To Host A Winning Super Bowl Party


Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

If you’re living and breathing, you may have heard of this “big game” coming to Minneapolis in a few short weeks. If you aren’t springing for $5k plus tickets and are avoiding the masses, maybe this is the year to live it up by hosting a viewing party? We’ve gathered some football-centric ideas to make your party epic.

Themed Drinks
Let’s start with the drinks. Stoke the rivalry fire with themed team drinks. A simple idea is to use a vodka base, add a clear mixer like 7-Up or soda water, and add a sparkling fruit juice in your team’s color. This is easily replicated without the booze for a family-friendly option.

If the Vikings make it, we recommend the Purple Rain, for obvious reasons. Recipe here >

More drink ideas >

Heat Things Up With Games
Besides just a Super Bowl pool, bring some healthy competition to your party. A craps table can liven things up between commercial breaks, or Super Bowl Bingo cards can keep people a little less into the game actively engaged with their own competition.

If you’re more into the commercials than the game itself, have everyone “guess what’s next” with the commercials.

How it works:

When the game begins, have everyone guess what the first commercial of the break will be. Have everyone who guessed correctly stand up while everyone who guessed incorrectly remains seated. Standing players will then guess what the next ad will be, and again, anyone correct remains standing. All players left standing when the game resumes get a point. Play this game during every commercial break, and see who has the most points at the end of the game.

The Food

Buffet Spread: Dedicate your dining room table to a constant grazing station. Things like pretzel bread and dips, crudité platters, and cheese and olive trays are easy to keep out and replenish during breaks while still looking festive. If you’re hosting a crowd, stick to sandwiches and finger food that can sit for a bit without too much fuss.

Snacks Around: Keeps bowls of snacks around places guests will be sitting that don’t cause a ton of mess on your furniture. Choose things like pretzels, nut mix and cracker mixes. Avoid greasy chips and colored candies if you want to limit emergency furniture cleaning post-game…

Passed Warm Food: If you want something warmer but don’t have a convenient way to keep it warm, wait until halftime and pass a meatball or wing platter around. These Tator Tot Kabobs look like a hometown winner.

Team Desserts: Amp up the team pride with a dessert station dedicated to your favorite team. Purchase a pre-made sheet cake, make cupcakes, or order M&M’s in the colors of your team. Top these Marshmallow Crispy Treats from The Food Network with sprinkles in your team’s colors for kid-friendly options.

You don’t need much to add a bit of fun in décor. Buy helium balloons in opposing team colors and place at the front door when guests arrive. Use a Field Table Runner to keep the table clean and add a reusable football theme to your party. If you want to go over the top, places like Party City let you customize kits of decorations to go big for the big game.

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Capture it All With a Movie
Capture photos throughout the party; a heated game makes for the best expressions. After, use an app like Magisto to share the movie out with attendees. This can keep the laughs going until the next year’s party.

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