Ikea Loft Makeover


Desrochers Realty Group’s condo listing in downtown St.Paul was the perfect challenge for Ikea to come in and create their transformation. Julie Desrochers makes an appearance on Twin Cities Live to check it out.

Ikea Loft Makeover

Loft living can be chic. You’re downtown, in the hustle and bustle. But one thing that could be challenging is actually making those high ceilings and the open concept feel like home.

It was a project the design team over at IKEA wanted to tackle. So we found the perfect spot in downtown Saint Paul to transform. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson took us along on IKEA’s biggest makeover yet to show us how to create that loft feeling in any open floor plan.

The IKEA team brought in several plants to create more of a homey feeling. Abbey Stark from IKEA stopped by the studio to show us how to do that our home.

  1. SATSUMAS SERIES: $29.99-$44.99
  1. ANVANDBAR PLANT HANGER: $12.99-$29.99
  1. IKEA PS 2014 STORAGE TABLE: $69.00
  1. REIDAR CHAIRS: $49.00
  1. VIKTIGT BASKETS: $9.99-$24.99

Watch the transformation from start to finish in the video below:

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