Julie and Daniel Desrochers on Twin Cities Live


Earlier this month, Julie and Daniel joined Twin Cities Live for its first Real Estate Report. The segment focused on cost-effective changes you can make before putting your house on the market that will earn you the most bang for your buck.

You don’t need to invest in major renovations in order to transform your home. Julie and Daniel describe how small changes such as new paint or hardware—or even just staging a room without making any physical changes at all—can make a room look completely remodeled for a fraction of the cost. Because these changes are so cheap, you can expect to see a double or even triple return on your investment, unlike a larger-scale renovation. Julie and Daniel are seeing sellers get multiple offers above their listing price just by making a few small changes that bring tired or outdated rooms back to life.

Tune into the video below for easy tips on staging and updating your house that will earn you the greatest return on investment when you list your home in the Twin Cities’ current seller’s market.

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