Pinterest’s Top Home Trends for 2018


Every December Pinterest publishes the Pinterest 100, a list of emerging trends in categories like style, beauty and home decor. We honed in on the top trends in home décor, naturally, to give you a sneak peek at what’s going to be trending throughout 2018. What will you incorporate?

Resort Style at Home

According to Pinterest, saves for “spa bathrooms” were up a whopping 269% in 2017, and products with rattan and frayed edge pillows reminiscent of travel are inspiring home interiors. This tells us people are bringing the luxuries of resort into the home with globally inspired textures and patterns. If a spa makeover isn’t in your remodeling budget, we suggest updating accent pieces like rugs, mirrors and light fixtures. Spaces like a sun porch and breakfast room with abundance of light make great choices for bringing a little resort in.

Featured Image: Long Macrame Pendant from Anthropologie

Mixing Finishes

Saves for “mixed metals” were up 423%, and we’re a fan of this trend. Not only is it relatively easy to do, but it also provides a solution to updating your home finishes without overhauling everything. The key is to choose one metal as the more dominant metal and a secondary to accent.

For example, if your kitchen utilizes a matte black faucet and cabinet hardware, select pendants with a gold interior to offset. Continue touches of the gold with small decor pieces (think vases or candle holders) to spread out the mixed metal look.

Featured Image: Dainolite 1-light Oversized Drum Pendant from

A Statement Ceiling

This trend can really bring a wow-factor to your home, and make a truly individual statement. According to Pinterest, saves for for “statement ceilings” were up 310% in 2017. To achieve this look, use bold paint, wallpaper, or bring in texture with mixed materials and wood. Coffered ceilings (pictured above) offer a stunning twist on traditional design. Alternatively, painting the ceiling in a kids room or playroom takes little long-term commitment and can add that personalized oomph to a space to make it stand out.

A Statement Door

A trend that has been around for awhile, adding color and flair to your front entry can freshen up your outside space in an easily changeable and affordable way. Creating this statement can range from choosing a bolder paint color for the door, adding statement planters, or even as simple as a unique doormat.

According to House Beautiful, you can evoke the following feelings to the world with your front door color choice:

Black: elegant, powerful, and prestigious
Gray: timeless and classic
Navy: authoritative and trustworthy
Green: calm, quiet, and soothing

Bring this trend to your inside decor by painting doors or adding unique door styles like sliding barn doors. Featured Image: Style Me Pretty

Herringbone Patterns

A modern approach to laying tile or wood, saves for “herringbone patterns” on Pinterest were up +131% in 2017. Incorporating herringbone makes your floors center stage and adds beautiful detail as an accent wall in your shower. Incorporate into your kitchen backsplash for a modern yet classic look.

Featured Image: : 2 x 6 in Foggy Morning from Fireclay Tile.

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