Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Home DIY Project


Chances are the idea of tackling a house project or two crossed your mind over the stages of quarantine. With a little more time on your hands, a lot more time at home, and infinite inspirational sources at your fingertips on the web – we’re helping you narrow down a few wise considerations before you tackle your list.

Do Your Research
Before you dive hammer first into a project, make sure you do your research on the how-tos from reputable sources. Anyone can post a video to YouTube or an idea to Pinterest, so vet your instructions. Are they experts in their field or a trusted source in the home improvement space? If advice is in a blog or in written form, is it easy enough to follow to guide you through the project? Better yet, confer with multiple sources to make sure you have several angles on your project before making your choice.

Consider if it’s better a pro does it
Of course you can do it, we never doubted you! But if you can complete a DIY project that doesn’t always mean you should.  Sometimes a project is best left to professionals or you risk costly mistakes and decreasing the value of the home. New to electrical and plumbing? You may reconsider. Some safer home projects to do yourself include focusing on the yard and the exterior, as so much can be done with a little sweat work.  Whether finally building a fire pit or refreshing the front door paint, there are several projects that can be done in as little as a day but add simple joy and curb appeal.

Do the math on total costs
There’s no shortage of influencing by gorgeous #inspo all over social media. Before you commit to investing in a major DIY décor project, take the time to properly tally up the costs so sticker shock doesn’t become an issue. Even when you go the do-it-yourself route, supplies, labor and materials can add up quickly. Take that fear you have of overpaying a professional and treat your own project with the same fiscal lens.

Do you need a permit?
If you’re thinking about a major DIY home project that includes changing the structure of your home, confirm if you need a permit to complete the work. The last thing you want is to be hit with unexpected fines because you didn’t get a permit, and homeowners insurance won’t cover unpermitted work.

Does it bring joy?
Finally, is this going to make you happy? Taking on a project yourself for your home is a commitment, and it should leave you feeling proud of yourself.  If you don’t think it will spark joy, you may want to reconsider and hire someone. Nothing is worse than a never completed home project!

For more information on DIY projects, watch our Twin Cities Live segments on our YouTube channel.

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