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Guide to Hosting an Open House

Let us first start off by admitting that not every home is suited for an open house. Sometimes a house just isn’t in the right neighborhood or its target buyer isn’t interested in attending open houses. Aside from that, open houses are a great way to get potential leads into your home where you are able to have a conversation with them face-to-face. On the other hand, sometimes open houses can attract the wrong crowd. Now that you know the pros and cons, and you... view article »

Choosing the Right Realtor: A Checklist

The housing marketing is challenging with lots of moving parts. When buying or selling a home, you need someone who will advocate for you, who will help you manage the parts and who will give you some essential advice you wouldn’t otherwise get. The best way to find someone you can trust to represent you? Ask your friends, family and colleagues. And when you do find some great candidates, interview them! Use the following checklist to help you choose the right realtor. ✔ Do you... view article »