Joe T.

Full disclosure, Daniel and Julie are close friends of my family and me. That being said; one of the best parts about purchasing or selling property is getting to work with Daniel and Julie. In the early 2000’s Daniel helped my parents sell their home and buy a new one. My parents were so impressed with how genuine of a person he is that they made sure we all kept in contact. Now, we all consider them family. In 2006 my brother and I purchased a home with Daniel. We had a great time and never thought a home purchase could be so fun. So much fun! My brother and I loved our home, where my brother still lives happily. In 2010, I bought a condo of my own with Daniel as my realtor. Lots of fun again, and Daniel really went to bat for me to get the best deal I could get (which he is incredible at), and I landed in a great condo that I enjoyed for a long time, for a great price. And along the way, we had a lot of laughs. Again, we all celebrated together and the whole experience was fantastic! This year in 2018, I decided it was time to find a new home with more room for myself, and it was Julie and the Desrochers team who helped me to both sell my condo, and then look for a new one. Julie’s knowledge of real estate is truly remarkable. It’s not a small process, selling and purchasing a property. I took Julie’s advice on how to sell my home, how to get the best price including staging. The staging made my home look amazing for showing. I ended up doing very well on the sale of my condo, selling for a much higher price than I bought it for. I walked away feeling really good about that, and it was under a month to sell it which was great. I then found a new condo which I am so excited about! Julie and I, and Chase Lomas of the Desrochers team and I had a good time looking at places and again, I relied on their great expertise to help me find the right place. It been a fantastic journey again, and truly smooth sailing throughout thanks to Julie and her team. Daniel and Julie’s incredible knowledge, fun approach and impeccable mastery for their craft is frankly what makes them one of the best realtors in the country, and why they have such a widely known and excellent reputation. Would I recommend their team? Absolutely. They’re the best at what they do.