Tips for Enhancing Winter Curb Appeal


Winter can be a challenging time of year to try and sell your home. Not only are fewer people shopping the market, but winter weather conditions can make it more difficult to maintain the kind of pristine exterior that makes an impactful first impression on potential buyers. That doesn’t mean your home’s curb appeal is a lost cause, though. Here are just a few ideas for how you can enhance curb appeal during the winter.

Pop of color – Paint your front door a bold color. It will brighten the façade of your house, especially in contrast to the white/grey of the snow. A colorful door will be a memorable feature that will make your home easy to recall as potential buyers review their options later. If you can, paint your door during the fall. Paint dries best above 40 degrees.

Light it up – The holidays are a perfect opportunity to boost your curb appeal. Even if you’re not usually much for holiday decorations, make an extra effort while your home is on the market. Hang lights from the trim of your roof and wrap around any trees or shrubs on your lawn. Pick a nice wreath to display on your front door. Just make sure that your decorations are all tasteful—no inflatable Santa or animatronic reindeer. If you use white lights, you don’t need to be in as much of a hurry to take your décor down after the holidays. Twinkly fairy lights are festive well into February.

Keep it tidy – Between snows, do what you can to groom your lawn so that it looks neat and tidy, making it easier for buyers to picture its potential during spring and summer. Collect leaves and other debris that may have accumulated during winter storms. Clear your gutters out after all the leaves have come down in the fall. Prune any overgrown or dying branches from your trees. These details will indicate from the get-go that home maintenance is important to you and that the buyer can expect to find the house in good shape when they move in.

Green thumb – Some plants are able to thrive in winter conditions. If it’s too late for you to plant some of these annuals, buy a couple of already-grown potted plants that you can place by the front door. The pop of green will help liven up your home’s winter landscape and make your entryway more inviting.

Safety first – The last thing you want is for a visiting buyer to slip and fall on a patch of ice on your driveway or front walk. Make sure the walkways leading up to your house are well salted throughout the winter to prevent any accidents.

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