Top 10 Things to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Home


Sold house

Spring is rapidly approaching and so is the busy season in real estate. If you are on the edge of deciding whether or not you should sell your house this spring, here are a few things to ask yourself as you make your decision.

1. Can you find a property you like, in the area you want to be in, and within your budget?

This is an important one to think about. It may be just the right time to sell your house, but can you realistically get what you want as well? You’ll have 1-2 months after you close to find a house, so start now to pinpoint the area you want to move to so you’re ready.

 2. Are YOU ready to have your home on the market? 

Selling your house is an exciting time, but can be a stressful time. There are lots of decisions to be made and things can sometimes be fast-paced.  Consider where you are in life and if it’s right for you right now.

 3. Is your house ready be on the market?

Depending on the shape of your property, you may have either a few things to do or a ton of things to do in order to be ready to sell. The earlier you talk to your realtor the better, as they can help guide on the areas you should focus on. Small things like a paint refresh can be quick to tackle, but there may be some other projects that’ll take some lead time.

4. Are you ready for showings?

Showings at 5:30pm when your family usually sits down for dinner, showings on Saturday morning when you normally sleep in…start to devise your plan. Be excited for the excuse to eat out more!

 5. Do you have records on home improvements?

Depending on how long you you’ve had the house, you may have quite the list of home improvements you’d like to share with your realtor and future buyers. If you live in an area where properties sell in a week, start to collect all this information now so you don’t need to feel the stress later.

 6. Do you understand your market and competition? 

It’s good to have an understanding of how much homes are going for in your area so you can set expectations. This will help you understand what your house will go for and what you can spend on your new home. Your realtor will help guide you in this.

7. What makes your house great? 

Think of what you love about your house so your realtor can the highlight when marketing your home. What makes your house a great value? Unique? What type of person would love your home? We’re in this together, so the more we know what you love about your place, the more we can let others know.

 8. Do really you have to wait until spring? 

Spring is a hot time and inventory is low, so if you are ready, don’t wait for spring. There are a lot of homebuyers out there and interest rates are going up. It’s a great time to sell.

 9. Have you talked to a realtor? 

As soon as you start entertaining the idea, talk with a realtor. They can guide you on the investments you should/shouldn’t make on the property before you sell. We’d hate to see you put money into your home that you won’t make back. We’re your trusted advisors in the process, no matter what point in the journey you are at.

10. Finally, how motivated are you? 

You and your partner should have frank discussions about how motivated you are to sell. It’s good to be on the same page.


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