Top Tips from Twin Cities Live Real Estate Report


Every month we visit local talk show Twin Cities Live to chat timely topics in buying, selling or maintaining your home. Below we’ve rounded up some of our best advice from past shows.

  1. 3 best things to do to your house before selling: Paint, update hardware, update flooring. (Full clip here)
  1. Ready to sell? First thing to keep in mind: Remember we aren’t talking about your house- we are talking about the house someone will buy. (Full clip here)
  1. As crazy as it sounds, if you see a house you like come on the market, go look at it immediately. In this market, it could be gone by tomorrow. (Full clip here)
  1. Real estate #1 myth: Price your house high so you have room for negotiation. No. You want to list it at the number you really want to get. (Full clip here)
  1. Top marketing tip for selling your home: Only work with realtors that take professional photos. (Full clip here)
  1. One way to get more value for your home? Updating the flooring in your bathrooms can make a huge impact on price. (Full clip here)
  1. How do you rise to the top of multiple offers?
    • Don’t make your offer contingent on the sale of your home
    • Don’t ask the seller to pay closing costs
    • Don’t ask the seller to change their closing date

(Full clip here)

  1. Don’t let things like paint stains, house odors and even mold be deal breakers when buying a home. (Full clip here)
  1. Treat your house showing like a first date. (Full clip here.)
  1. Who is responsible for making sure a remodeled home was done to code? You need to have a really good inspector and have them look specifically into this, you can also call the city to make sure permits were pulled.(Full clip here.)

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