On Twin Cities Live: How a Realtor Can Help When Building a Home


We visited Twin Cities Live on KSTP Channel 5 to discuss how a realtor can help when building a home. Here are a few tips we shared:

  •  When building your home, a realtor is there to represent YOU, and is an important voice in negotiating and checking in on the process. The build process can be daunting, working with someone who has been through it before and knows the process can eliminate a lot of surprises. Your realtor is there for you at walk throughs with the builder and selection meetings, can help with selections, and know what to look for during your walk throughs. A realtor can catch things that are done incorrectly that you may not have noticed, simply because of their expertise.
  • A realtor can negotiate a better deal for you.  Often buyers assume that price is the only way to negotiate, but a realtor can negotiate price and also find ways to add value. Sometimes a builder is more willing to throw in upgrades, extras, or closing costs so they are not compromising the sale price of the property.
  • A realtor can help you understand the differences between builders and neighborhoods. Realtors know the good, reputable builders and those you’d want to steer clear of. They can also advise on neighborhoods and the average price of homes in the area to help you stay within the recommended price point.
  • A realtor can guide you on appropriate plan modifications and upgrades, advising on important items for resale or quality of living in your home. We often point out items that should be included and are missed, and other items that can be upgraded down the road so you can save a little money upfront.

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