Why We Love Working in Real Estate


The reasons why people truly love their jobs are different. The same can be said for what motivates people to achieve greatness. For us, passion and success are one in the same. We love working in real estate because it challenges us and gives us consistent contentment. For us, we’re working our dream job. Here are a few other reasons we get out of bed each morning.

1. Our favorite part of working in real estate: all of the people we get to meet. We sometimes get to meet people from across the world – and all of these relationships are important to us. A lot of our clients end up becoming our close friends and we get to see their families grow. Being a part of that is a great feeling.

We also work with some of the best vendors in the area, some of whom we’ve worked with for 15 years. These people have become our go-to vendors. We know they will give our clients the best service possible.

2. Buying or selling a house is a huge decision. It’s such an honor for people to put their trust in us to help them through such a complex process. At the end, it’s very rewarding when we have helped someone find a house they absolutely love or when we have helped a client sell a house so they can move into something bigger or better for their growing family.

3. It’s fun! Yes, we run a business, but we have fun with our team and our clients. We love entertaining, whether it’s an open house or throwing a housewarming party. We also love getting up close and personal with homes. We are fascinated with houses.

4. We dream in windows, doors, and porches. We both love construction and remodeling. What really excites us is when we can help people build their dream home or help them envision all that they could do with a house. Those not-so-beautiful houses? To us, they don’t exist. We love the opportunity to see the potential.

Working in real estate doesn’t feel like a job to us. It’s that zest for the industry that pushes us to provide a higher standard of service for our clients.

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