10 Ways to Prep Your Home to Sell in the Autumn


Whether your house has been on the market a few months or you’re just putting it on, the late summer and fall months in the Twin Cities are a great time to sell. Below we’ve put together a checklist for successful selling in the crisp months of autumn.

  1. Prep your landscaping. Make sure to update for the fall months, cleaning up any projects from the summer and getting your yard in tip-top shape to sell.  Curb appeal goes a long way in lasting impressions.
  2. Clean the fireplace and chimney.
  3. Clean your gutters.
  4. Make an appointment for a heating system check-up.
  5. Revisit staging. Consider adding a few tasteful candles and warmer accents to your décor to complement the fall weather.
  6. …But don’t go overboard. You want to stay clear of clutter and accentuate the season, however too many seasonal decorations can look messy and deter a potential buyer.
  7. Make sure your lighting is on point. As the days get shorter and showings will occur with less natural sunlight, show your house in the best light. All lamps should have working lightbulbs and you can consider adding a few more in dimmer areas.
  8. Think about adding smart technology. Younger buyers tend to wait until the fall and winter to avoid competing with families in the heat of the market. Consider adding some inexpensive smart home technologies to boost your appeal, like Nest thermometers or smart locks.
  9. Take a price drop. If you’ve been on the market throughout the summer, now may be a good time to freshen up the price for those still looking or the new buyers on the market.
  10. Don’t stress. The fall market is the next busiest to the spring, and there is a ton of activity with builders doing Parade of Homes, etc.
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