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On Twin Cities Live: Home Shopping Wishlist During Covid

It’s no surprise that with Covid-19 and stay-at-home orders, families are on the hunt for homes that fulfill their new lifestyle. We visited Twin Cities Live for our Real Estate Report segment and discussed some of the top items on homebuyers’ wish lists. Trends in homebuyer home searches: Moving out to the suburbs, and even acreage Homes with more square feet Flex rooms and Zoom Rooms Home offices Larger pantries Home workout rooms Multi-generational housing Bigger outdoor spaces with backyard amenities In-ground pools For all of... view article »

10 Ways to Prep Your Home to Sell in the Autumn

Whether your house has been on the market a few months or you’re just putting it on, the late summer and fall months in the Twin Cities are a great time to sell. Below we’ve put together a checklist for successful selling in the crisp months of autumn. Prep your landscaping. Make sure to update for the fall months, cleaning up any projects from the summer and getting your yard in tip-top shape to sell.  Curb appeal goes a long way in lasting impressions. Clean the fireplace and... view article »

On Twin Cities Live: Home Improvements Worth Making Now

We visited Twin Cities Live on KSTP Channel 5 to talk about home improvements you should consider doing now to enjoy that will also pay off when you sell in the future. Some highlights: Open up spaces in your home  Homebuyers like open spaces for entertaining and living. Often you can take a wall down between a kitchen and living room or dining room and open up some rooms to make the space look larger. Buyers in the future will appreciate the updated floor plan and will be... view article »

What are we hearing from buyers?

What do buyers want, now, in the spring of 2017? If you are considering selling and wondering what the chatter is, what people are wanting in their next home, see below for the most common asks we are hearing from our buyers now. “There’s not a lot on the market.” No, there isn’t. This is the overall issue everywhere- simply not enough houses to go around. If you have a house you are even thinking about selling in the next few years, call your realtor to discuss. It... view article »

On Twin Cities Live: You’re Ready to Downsize, Now What?

Are you an empty nester looking to downsize? We were on Twin Cities Live/KSTP Channel 5 to give advice to those considering downsizing now that the kids have moved out. Is now a good time? Yes, in 2017 prices are up and inventory is low- so it’s a good time. People are waiting for your house. Should I make updates? If you can do it, we suggest making some updates. If you’ve been in a house for 15-20 years, spend some money to update as you’ll get... view article »

Secrets to a Successful Client-Agent Partnership

You may love your realtor, but does your realtor love you? Like any working relationship, your partnership with your realtor is a two-way street that works best when the relationship is mutually beneficial. Buying or selling a home is a big job, and your realtor is an important ally. But there are ways you can help make their job easier, too. Over the years we’ve experienced many client-agent relationships both good and bad, and we’ve put together a few tips for making sure you’re doing... view article »

How to Stay Sane While Selling Your Home

When your home is up for sale, it can be frustrating. It’s still your home yet it feels like you don’t even “live” in it; you’re constantly cleaning, you’ve put all of your personal effects away and you’re running in and out at all hours of the day. So how do you survive the pressure, the stress and the unexpected when your home is on the market? We share some tips on how to stay sane while selling your home. Enlist help. There are plenty... view article »

5 Marketing Must-Haves When Selling Your House

When you’re trying to sell your home, marketing plays a big role in how quick it sells and at what value. Marketing is what gets your listing the most exposure and represents your home in the best possible light. If done right, you have a higher likelihood of receiving multiple offers at competitive prices. Read on for our 5 marketing must-haves for selling your home. A professional photographer, not just anyone with a camera. Professional photographers know the right angles, best lighting and creative ways... view article »

Home Staging Tips from Professionals

Successfully staging your home is key to selling it quickly and at the best price. There are many high-impact cost-affordable ways to highlight your home’s strengths and downplay its weaknesses. From cleaning to styling and the often overlooked, here are some essential staging tips to get the most out of your home. Clear the clutter. All of it. It’s not going to be easy, but you have to do it. All surfaces, cupboards, closets, floors, mantels, you name it. Cluttered homes simply do not show... view article »

5 Questions you MUST ask Your Realtor

Not all realtors are the same. You might be tempted to choose your best friend’s sister or the agent who suggests the highest list price, but picking the right realtor requires a little research. You need to find an agent or group that you can communicate easily with, knows your neighborhood and has a good history of marketing houses successfully. Although it may be hard, make sure you at least discuss the following five questions with potential realtors to gauge their level of service and... view article »