5 Marketing Must-Haves When Selling Your House


When you’re trying to sell your home, marketing plays a big role in how quick it sells and at what value. Marketing is what gets your listing the most exposure and represents your home in the best possible light. If done right, you have a higher likelihood of receiving multiple offers at competitive prices. Read on for our 5 marketing must-haves for selling your home.

A professional photographer, not just anyone with a camera. Professional photographers know the right angles, best lighting and creative ways to emphasize the strengths of your home. They also know how to edit for different marketing materials. For example, the size and format of a photo for a social media post will differ from the size and format of a photo for a printed brochure.

An extensive Internet marketing campaign. This doesn’t mean just listing your home on a few sites and calling it a day. You should be advertising on all websites possible, but also optimizing your ads as you go. Include detailed information about the property and the best photos to attract the right buyers.

Don’t forget to go social! Tweet short teasers about what makes your home so attractive or share photos on Instagram and Pinterest.

Knowing the right and wrong things to do to get your house ready for sale. Here is where you get neutral guidance on the best and worst things to do to your house because yes, there are right (depersonalizing, de-cluttering) and wrong (over upgrading, removing too many accessories your home feels sterile) ways to prep your house for sale.

Real negotiating skills. Negotiating the sale of a home is more complex than negotiating the sale of a car – it can be tricky and emotional. The process needs to be impersonal (your house is now a business prospect) and it requires you to remove all emotion when it comes to receiving offers and comments. That’s where your realtor comes in.

Your realtor will also know market conditions and can use these in negotiations. Plus, they know it’s not always about the offer price. There are agreements about settlement dates, repairs to the home, closing costs and more that are part of the negotiation process. So, even if you consider yourself a skilled negotiator, use an expert in the field. You will get more for your house than if you were to sell it yourself.

Staging your home properly. Staging is really, really important. We cannot emphasize this enough. Every house needs to be staged no matter what. The golden rule: you don’t sell a house the way you live in it. We list some of the most critical – and often overlooked – home staging tips here.


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