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Why Do You Need a Realtor?

Sounds a little suspect coming from your realtor, but this is a valid question. Today with a website and app for everything, it can be easy to wonder, “Why do I even need a realtor?” Websites like Trulia and Zillow are great resources to browse homes and see what is out there, but they are no substitute for an expert guiding you through one of life’s most stressful decisions. Here are a few reasons why we feel technology can’t replace people: Expertise. We live and breathe... view article »

Real Estate Report: Home Re-Do

Daniel and Julie were part of a great show yesterday on Twin Cities Live. With a new project on the horizon, we will be able to follow along with the process of doing a tear down and rebuild. Twin Cities Live has shown you a lot of ways to improve your home.  Landscaping, room make-overs, advice from an interior designer, to name a few.  Sometimes things are so bad that the only thing you can do is start over!  We are following Julie and Daniel... view article »

Selling Your Home Advice

Continuing their discussion on selling your home, Daniel and Julie’s most recent appearance on Twin Cities Live was to share their advice on how to maximize the profit you get from selling your home. Small things like the temperature during a showing and the way your home comes across during an inspection can make or break a deal. Showings: You want your home to look perfect (clean, blinds open, temperature between 70-72, home smelling good, lights on and music on if possible) You need to... view article »

Advice on Selling Your Home

Daniel and Julie were on Twin Cities Live this past month ready to talk about the initial preparations needed once you’ve decided to sell your home. So you’ve decided you want to sell your home, what’s next?? • Meet with a realtor and talk about marketing and preparing the home You should at least interview a couple of realtors to see who is going to market your home the best and work the hardest to get your home sold. Price should be figured out after you... view article »

Ask The Realtors About Buying And Selling A Home

At Julie and Daniel’s appearance yesterday on Twin Cities Live they were able to answer a few of the most common questions sent in by Facebook viewers that buyers and sellers have. Make sure to review these questions and their answers before starting your next real estate venture. Question 1: Melissa asked on our Facebook page: Who’s responsibility is it to make sure a newly remodeled home was done by license contractors and was permitted work? I purchased a flipped house only to find nothing... view article »

Myths For Selling Your Home

At Daniel and Julie’s appearance this month on Twin Cities Live they had a great interview on some of the many myths heard from buyers and sellers around the Twin Cities. With so many items to deal with when buying or selling don’t forget to review these common myths before deciding to make that next big move. MYTH: All sellers will pay your closing costs This is sometimes true but is definitely not customary. The seller will look at the net price of the offer... view article »

5 Tips for Being a Savvy Buyer in a Seller’s Market

Whether you’re months deep into the house-hunting process or you’ve just heard stories from the frontlines, you’re probably aware that the Minneapolis housing market right now is a seller’s paradise. Homes are selling almost as quickly as they’re put on the market, especially homes near the city that are listed for $400,000 or less. To make a successful offer on a home in this climate, you need to know how to be a savvy buyer in a seller’s market. Julie and Daniel paid a visit... view article »

4 Perks of Working With a Realtor

With access to seemingly unlimited resources and information on the Internet, our DIY abilities are stronger than ever. It makes us confident that we could do just about anything ourselves—so long as we’ve done the appropriate research. The same goes for house hunting. With online databases of listings and thousands of How To articles at your fingertips, you might wonder why you should bother paying a realtor. But online research can’t match the value of real-world expertise. There are many perks of working with a... view article »

What to Learn About Your Lender

So you’ve found your dream house and you’re ready to make an offer, but you still have a lot of questions—as you should. Your home will likely be your most valuable asset, so before you sign a mortgage you want to make sure you’re fully informed. Here are some questions to ask your lender so that you can feel confident as you complete your mortgage application. Ask for an upfront estimate of all closing costs. In addition to your down payment and homeowner’s insurance, there... view article »

Secrets to a Successful Client-Agent Partnership

You may love your realtor, but does your realtor love you? Like any working relationship, your partnership with your realtor is a two-way street that works best when the relationship is mutually beneficial. Buying or selling a home is a big job, and your realtor is an important ally. But there are ways you can help make their job easier, too. Over the years we’ve experienced many client-agent relationships both good and bad, and we’ve put together a few tips for making sure you’re doing... view article »