Home Staging: Top 5 Tips You Need to Know









Enticing buyers can be hard. You’ve been living in your home and you made it your own, but oftentimes once it’s ready to sell “one man’s junk” is not necessarily “another man’s treasure.” The key to displaying your home in the best light possible, garner the most interest and offers,  is to make it show in a way that lets buyers visualize their future there. How can you best do this? Get help from a professional home stager.

We enlisted some advice from our go-to home staging company, Kari Michael, President of Kariel Staging & Decor. Here are some of her top tips on why you need to stage:

1. Remember it’s not you, it’s them. While it’s hard to separate yourself and your memories from your home, it’s not you that homebuyers are seeking- it’s your home. Because we naturally can’t always step outside of how we view our home, let the experts come in and help you display your home with the purpose of letting others envision their future memories. Staging shows off a home’s best potential and features to its future owners.

2. De-personalize. It goes against nature to remove all the things you’ve done to your home to make it your own. However, the best way to make good on #1 above is to rid your home of the mementos of the past so a new owner can focus on the details of the home, not the decor. As hard as it will be, it truly pays off. This is difficult to do on your own, and a stager takes the bias out of the process.

3. Keep it neutral. Your tween daughter painted her room magenta because she liked it, however your future owner may not be able to see past such a design choice. A professional stager helps you neutralize and avoid off-putting trends/colors/decor that from experience result in biased reactions. Remain neutral and you can appeal to a broader audience. Appeal to a broader audience and garner more interest.

4. Don’t leave your rooms vacant. You may be selling an empty house or living with some rooms less than fully furnished, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is failing to define the space. Now more than ever pictures sell homes- putting staged furniture in gives a room depth and purpose. You know that feeling when you walk into a model home and everything feels so perfect? That’s how we want your home to feel.

5. Put stuff away. Whatever you need to do to de-clutter and remove, do it. Nothing is more off-putting to buyers than a house crammed with stuff in the corners. We can help you see what those “extras” are that make all the difference in removing and storing.

Vist Kariel Staging & Decor for more tips and information on staging to sell.