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Julie’s Picks for Affordable Home Decor Accents

Winter is the perfect time to nest and freshen up your home decor. We’ve rounded up some affordable and on-trend options to add updated flair to your space with minimum effort. This winter we suggest adding touches of blush, golds, and greens. Emerald is a color of the moment, and adding fresh greenery is always in style. Mountainside by Sadie Holden. $206.00, price changes on frame and size, Minted.com 6 ft. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. $106.55, Homdepot.com Brass Wall Sconce. $59.00, Etsy.com Snow Capped Candle. $28-$42.00, Anthropologie.com Color-block Throw. $39.99,... view article »

Home Staging: Top 5 Tips You Need to Know

                Enticing buyers can be hard. You’ve been living in your home and you made it your own, but oftentimes once it’s ready to sell “one man’s junk” is not necessarily “another man’s treasure.” The key to displaying your home in the best light possible, garner the most interest and offers,  is to make it show in a way that lets buyers visualize their future there. How can you best do this? Get help from a professional home stager.... view article »

How to Get The Best Offer – And Know it When You See It

Now that the housing market is finally on the rebound, you can afford to hold out for the best offer you receive rather than leaping at the first. This is an ideal position to be in, but it doesn’t mean you can just sit back and wait for a great offer to come walking through your door. To sell your home quickly and earn the highest price, you first need to invest some effort into making it easy for buyers to fall in love. Then,... view article »

Home Staging Tips from Professionals

Successfully staging your home is key to selling it quickly and at the best price. There are many high-impact cost-affordable ways to highlight your home’s strengths and downplay its weaknesses. From cleaning to styling and the often overlooked, here are some essential staging tips to get the most out of your home. Clear the clutter. All of it. It’s not going to be easy, but you have to do it. All surfaces, cupboards, closets, floors, mantels, you name it. Cluttered homes simply do not show... view article »