How to Stay Sane While Selling Your Home


When your home is up for sale, it can be frustrating. It’s still your home yet it feels like you don’t even “live” in it; you’re constantly cleaning, you’ve put all of your personal effects away and you’re running in and out at all hours of the day. So how do you survive the pressure, the stress and the unexpected when your home is on the market? We share some tips on how to stay sane while selling your home.

Enlist help. There are plenty of reasons to hire a real estate agent, or team, and this is one of them. You can rely on your agents’ experience to help you with every step of the process giving you time to focus on other things such as finding that new dream home. There’s no bigger stress reliever than letting your realtor handle all of the details.

Make a schedule. To keep from being overwhelmed or rushed, create a routine for certain housekeeping duties. For instance, clean all of your bathrooms and empty the trash before bed each night so you’re not rushing to do it in the morning. Or make all of the beds before leaving for work so you never have to turn down an impromptu showing.

Use storage. There will be items you use daily that will need to be put away for showings. To keep these things all together and to avoid losing anything, use a specific box to store these belongings. Put the box in your storage closet each day so you always know where it is. Also, lock up your valuables for the entire duration of your home being on the market. Use a fireproof safe or get a safe deposit box at your bank to store these treasurable pieces.

Take a break. Enjoy a nice dinner and movie out with the family. Not only does this give you a new perspective, but you also don’t have to worry about cleaning up post-cooking or your home smelling like last night’s meal. May we suggest one of our favorite patio spots in the Twin Cities?

Don’t forget to schedule some time for yourself too to do the things you always do. It’s important to maintain normalcy.

Although it can feel like you’re a guest in your own home, try to focus on the future and know that the transition is only temporary.

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