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On Twin Cities Live: Home Improvements Worth Making Now

We visited Twin Cities Live on KSTP Channel 5 to talk about home improvements you should consider doing now to enjoy that will also pay off when you sell in the future. Some highlights: Open up spaces in your home  Homebuyers like open spaces for entertaining and living. Often you can take a wall down between a kitchen and living room or dining room and open up some rooms to make the space look larger. Buyers in the future will appreciate the updated floor plan and will be... view article »

New Home vs. Old Home – Which One Should You Buy?

Close your eyes and picture the home you would like to live in. Think of the smells, the colors, the feeling and the textures. Perhaps you pictured a comfortable home with wooden accents or maybe you saw a modern house with a contemporary style. These are important criteria to consider when searching for your new home, but it’s even more important to pay attention to the major differences between owning an older home and a new construction. Although they have their pros and cons –... view article »