5 Questions you MUST ask Your Realtor


Not all realtors are the same. You might be tempted to choose your best friend’s sister or the agent who suggests the highest list price, but picking the right realtor requires a little research. You need to find an agent or group that you can communicate easily with, knows your neighborhood and has a good history of marketing houses successfully.

Although it may be hard, make sure you at least discuss the following five questions with potential realtors to gauge their level of service and commitment to your needs.

Do you have an assistant, team or staff, or do you work independently? 

It’s not uncommon for agents who sell a lot of houses to work with a team. Realty groups are great for helping to navigate you through all of the stages. The team you choose will be involved in preparing your home, establishing a listing price, marketing your property, providing feedback and handling the sale itself. Look for a team of experts who each have strengths in different parts of the selling process.

By having an experienced team, we are able to provide a higher standard of quality to our clients and are always available to answer questions and give support.

Do you advise on any repairs or updates needed on my home? Do you have a network of resources for repairs?

Many times houses are in need of repairs before they are ready to be listed. Your realtor should have experience looking at homes and offering advice about the condition and ways to approve its appeal.

Additionally, your agent or team should have a network of partners that they trust and frequently use for repairs and updates.

We provide a detailed list of work with preferred vendors for each task so you don’t have to spend time searching for moving companies or contractors.

Do you have a marketing plan for my home? Do you use professional photographers?

A marketing plan is a critical piece of the real estate pie. A professional should design all of the materials that go into marketing your home. From the brochures to the photos, you have one chance to impress potential buyers, make it a lasting one.

How will you be marketing my home?

This leads into how the team will actually market your house. A strategic plan should include everything from staging ideas, paid advertising, online listings, print publications, social media and more, all personalized for your house. What really sets the bar high here is if your agent goes beyond the basics to get your home at the top of listings and make it stand out.

Ask for a clear plan and examples of what they have done in the past.

Do you have a personal website that you will use?

Check to see if the realtor or group has their own website. A good realtor who sells a lot of houses will have a functioning website. Look for things like a mobile-friendly site, advanced search capabilities, client testimonials and featured listings.

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong

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